Nouns / phrases: Different directions or routes, alternative(s), options, potentials, facets, diversity, plurality. In relationship readings possibly: different interests, divergent paths. Decision, choice, free will; the freedom to. Deliberations, considerations, speculations. All the ifs and whens, whethers or nots, pros and cons. Over-thinking. Hesitation, deferral, procrastination. Ambivalence, ambiguity, shades of grey, relativity, tolerance. Different angle(s) or perspectives.  
To take a certain direction, to go down a different or diverging path. To diversify, vary. To decide, make a choice. To deliberate, consider, speculate, over-think. To hesitate, defer, procrastinate, tarry, tread water. To relativise, tolerate. To adopt or at least examine a different perspective.
Alternative, optional, potential, multi-faceted, versatile, manifold, diverse. Selectable, elective, arbitrary. Hesitant, indecisive, in two minds, tarrying. Free in the sense of "free to do what you want to do". Deliberative, contemplative, speculative. Possible; possibly, maybe. Ambivalent, ambiguous, relative, tolerant.

As a person:
Person with the above attributes. Especially: someone who is in two minds about something or indecisive in general, person who is confronted with important decisions. Someone who is difficult to assess because they keep changing direction - you never know what to expect from them.

As advice:
Think before you speak/act/decide! Make a choice! Be more tolerant! Negatively: Don't hesitate so long; don't procrastinate!

Time factor *) : When or if X happens depends on how you move on from the present moment.
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