Nouns / phrases: Difficulties, problems, obstacles, impairment, hurdles, challenge. Problems, problematic situations or behaviour. Things that need to be overcome. In a positive sense: the experience of overcoming something; conquest. Something that cannot be overlooked, the elephant in the room. Presence, physical presence. Weight, obesity, great size, inflexibility. Long time spans, permanence, (en)durance. Silence, motionlessness, blockade, blockage, deadlock, gridlock. Relentlessness, persistence, patience, stubbornness, rigidity. Refusal, unwillingness in general.  
To complicate, challenge, hinder, block. To overcome. To insist, persist, endure. To not budge or back down. To refuse, to not want to. To silence, to keep silent, to keep still.
Difficult, problematic, obstructive, restrictive, impaired. Tackling. Conspicuous, ostentatious, obvious, glaring. Present, in place, here and now. Big, tall, heavy, overweight. Unmoved, blocked, rigid, still, quiet, silent. Stubborn, persisting, unwilling, refusing, forbidding. Permanent, enduring, forever.

As a person:
Someone big or overweight, tall, quiet, stubborn, rigid. Someone "solid as rock", or: your nemesis or contender.

As advice:
You can refuse! Keep silent; hold still! Persist! Tackle the challenge! Negatively: Don't be so stubborn! Get moving!

Time factor *) : Very long time spans (even years), something that seems to last forever - or long-lasting stagnancy, stalemate. Or: something may happen but only if a lot of patient effort is invested.
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