Nouns / phrases: Walls of defence, boundaries, "No!". Retreat, solitude, loneliness, isolation. Clear view, clear-headedness, self-discipline, rationality, emotional distance, aloofness. Inability to be close to others. Hierarchy, pride, bragging, arrogance. Excellence, expert.
Government, the government's institutions, organisations which wield power over people's lives. Authority, position of authority, top position, leadership.
To put up walls of defence, set boundaries, say no, deny. To retreat, withdraw. To distance oneself, remain aloof, isolate. To think about something rationally with a cool head. To rationalise. To top, excel. To pride oneself, brag, lord it over others. To rise above. Govern, control.
Denying, forbidding. Solitary, secluded, distanced, lonely, isolated, aloof. Closed off, segregated. Disciplined, clear-headed, differentiated. Independent. On top, leading, best. Proud, snotty, arrogant. Controling, authoritarian. Ruling, institutional, state-run.

As a person:
Person in a position of authority. Lonely or aloof person. Strict, cold, or arrogant person. Control freak. Expert.

As advice:
You can say no! Distance yourself! Be proud! Rise above it! Negatively: Don't be a snob!

Time factor *) : I'm in two minds here. Either "It's not going to happen." or "Someone controls when it happens!" According to some, traditionally, "one year".
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