Nouns / phrases: Meaning, higher purpose. Awe, transcendence, the sublime, spirituality. Meaningful connections. The cosmos. Pseudo-scientific woo, escapism. Wish-fulfilment, (unfulfilled) wishes, hope, trust, faith. Ideals, vision. Idealisation, daydreams. Aspiration; "Reach for the stars!". (Most likely positive) future events which (we think) are already foreshadowed. Imagination, wishful thinking, illusion.
For many other readers also: fame, encouragement, recognition, moving forward, optimism, innovation, inspiration, intuition, night time, multitude, internet.
To find meaning / give meaning. To stand in awe, transcend, feel deeply connected. To wish, hope, trust, have faith. To idealise, envision, daydream. To aspire, reach for the stars. To imagine, fantasise, cherish an illusion.
Meaningful, transcendent, all-encompassing, sublime, spiritual, cosmic. Pseudo-scientific; escapist, dreamy. Wishful, hopeful, trusting, faithful. Idealistic, visionary, future. Aspiring. Imaginative, imaginary, fantastic, illusionary.

As a person:
Person with the above qualities. E.g. person who is spiritual, hopeful, imaginative. Someone who cherishes an illusion. Visionary, or daydreamer.

As advice:
Keep up hope! Reach for the stars! Negatively: Get real! Stop daydreaming!

Time factor *) : In the future.
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