Nouns / phrases: Parent, parental figure, leader, teacher, supervisor, coach, boss. Leadership, guidance. Power, dominance, influence. Physical strength, strength of character. Warm-bloodedness, choleric or dominant personality, short temper. Assertiveness, overbearance, bullying. Competence, capabilities, life experience, practical knowledge. Protection, provision, possessiveness, personal property, ownership.
Traditionally also: personal finances, e.g. cash flow.
To guide, lead, teach, coach, supervise, boss around. To influence, dominate, overpower, bully. To assert something or oneself; to stand one's ground; to take charge. To know how to, be competent at something. To (over)protect, provide, To own. To protect, provide, jealously prepossess. To own, take possession.
Parental, guiding, leading, bossy. Powerful, dominant, influential. Strong, (over)assertive, overbearing, choleric, short-tempered. Competent, capable, experienced. (Over)protective, provident. Possessive, aggressively jealous. Well-off.

As a person:
Person with the above qualities. Parent(al figure), teacher, boss, coach, supervisor, leader. The alpha. Bully.

As advice:
Be a good parent / teacher / boss! Assert yourself; take charge! Protect and provide! Negatively: Calm down - don't boss others around!  

Time factor *) : Someone other than the querent has a major influence on when it will happen / can control when or if it will happen.
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