FOX 14


Nouns / phrases: Traditionally: trickster, manipulator, dishonesty, but also hard work.
To me: Self-interest; (strong) sense of self; identity. Self-care. Egocentric standpoint; selfishness; egotism. Independence (especially from the opinion and judgement of others); integrity. Self-defence. Hard work; survival; necessity. Adaptation; adaptability. Intelligence, cunning, caution, distrust.
Traditionally: to trick and manipulate, but also, to work hard.
In my book: To look after oneself well/first. To be true to oneself; to have one's own standards. To defend (oneself); to do what needs to be done; to survive. To adapt; to learn new ways (out of necessity). To distrust, to suspect.

Defensive, self-involved, self-centred, egotistic, selfish. Intelligent, cunning, streetwise; tricky. Cautious, distrustful, suspicious, suspect. True to oneself, discrete, independent. Hard-working; adaptable. Necessary, essential.

As a person:
An intelligent, street-wise person; defensive (maybe jealous) person. Someone who looks after themselves well - or only after themselves. A selfish person. Someone who does things their own way (even if others don't like it). Traditionally: a trickster, someone dishonest.

As advice:
Cautious now; don't trust them/it! Take care of yourself first! Stay true to yourself!

Time factor *) : Times when there is less light so it's easier to hide: night, dusk and dawn. Not the right time yet; first there needs to be thorough risk-assessment. When it's necessary.
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