Please note that the examples below are meant to be just that: examples. They are not in any sense exhaustive. Furthermore,they are constructed of individual meanings I myself use. If you use different keywords than I do your own combined meanings will look quite different. Also, what I did not take into account in these examples is the order of the paired cards (which card is left and which right). Lastly, if you want to learn more about how to combine two cards' meanings >> here is an explanation of what works for me.

To distrust news; to be suspicious of a new person / a stranger; to defend oneself against influences from the outside; to defend oneself against being pressed. Something changes one's sense of self, one's identity. To adapt to change. Someone who wants things only for themselves, for their own benefits; who demands things that are useful for themselves only.

To be deeply suspicious instead of just happy whenever something nice happens, when an opportunity presents itself. To not trust one's luck. Conflict between caution and wanting to take a risk. A hint that one is too cautious. To take an opportunity out of self-interest; to grab any chance one can in order to survive/live a better life. To be good at adapting to changing luck.

To assess the risk of a change which could be made. To identify as an explorer; to have built one's sense of self around being a globetrotter / someone who doesn't settle down. Self-exploration. To make necessary changes. To leave even if this means leaving people who depend on you. To not commit for selfish reasons. Someone who won't commit no matter how much you may want them to. Adventurousness vs. caution. To leave someone or something because that's good for oneself. To adapt to a changed environment.

Household insurance. To be overly defensive against anybody not part of the "in-group"; to defend family/in-group members. To be suspicious of anything unfamiliar. Xenophobia. To identify strongly with one's family or certain traditions. To stay true to oneself despite being oppressed by traditional rules. To be suspicious about anything long-established. Caution in family matters. Family member who takes care of themselves first / to accept that in order to take care of your family you first have to take care of yourself. Egotistic family member.

Physical self-defence. Deep-rooted distrust; to be suspicious of nature or to be suspicious by nature. Strong identification with one's body, or with nature. To do everything one can to preserve one's health. To take no risks in regard to one's health. To distrust one's own body. To adapt physically. Physical precautions. The body's needs have to come first. Survival skills; outdoor skills. To pragmatically do what is necessary. Natural intelligence.

Someone has something to hide. Someone is holding up a smoke screen, deceiving us - or: self-deception. The feeling of being lost (without guidance) because our sense of self is weak. Confusion because we haven't learned to stand up for ourselves, listen to ourselves. To despair of oneself. To adapt to an unclear or uncertain situation. Be cautious when you lack knowledge! To suspect it's just pretence. To conceal who we truly are.

To be be guarded or secretive about one's desires. To be very cautious regarding sexual desires or desires in general. (Unspoken) sexual tension. To distrust someone who is attracted to you; or someone you're attracted to you is distrustful of you. To be suspicious about being tricked or manipulated. To react with a strong sense of self, with a healthy dose of self-preservation instinct, to attempts at manipulation. A very, very sneaky, or false, person. A situation where one needs to be cunning and/or adaptable to reach one's goal. Adaptation of goal.

It's time to give up trying so hard. Working too hard / having to survive under harsh conditions has led to exhaustion or disease. A time of hiding has ended (or: it should end). Being too cautious leads to burying one's dreams. What one thought was a vital part of one's identity is now gone. To adapt to a loss. To suppress one's own needs; to not look after oneself well. Ending something is in one's own best interests. To look after oneself in times of grief.

Flattery and social visits for selfish purposes; to be nice to others for one's own gain. Distrust of compliments; to not trust someone's kindness. Be cautious of being too generous! Friendliness as self-defence. One's identity is dependent on one's looks. To have one's own beauty standards. Commendable caution. Caution in regard to a visit(or); to be cautious of who one welcomes in. To do something nice for oneself; self-praise.

To weigh the risk(s) carefully. If something is not good for you, cut it off! Inconsideration, ruthlessness. To be careful not to get hurt. To put an sudden, strict end to something in self-defence. To hurt someone else in self-defence / someone defends themselves in a way which hurts you. Self-defence or self-care is cut off (hindered). The benefits of proper self-care / the consequences of selfish behaviour. Self-inflicted pain. To pull oneself together.

To act against one's own self-interest; to hurt one's own cause. Beware of aggression/abuse! To defend oneself against aggression; self-defence tactics. Self-interest conflicts with someone else's. Self-incrimination; to blame/punish oneself. Accusations of selfishness. An identity which is entangled with feelings of guilt, or with abuse. Necessary aggression; to inflict injuries / be violent if necessary.

Conflict between cautious discretion and wanting to blab. To be overly watchful, alert, and nervous about something or everything. To be jumpy and suspect everything and everyone. Self-centred worries; thoughts which circle constantly about oneself. Unstable sense of self; messy, chaotic identity. Worries about safety. Difficulties with concentrating on that which is vitally important. Worries about something one deems vitally important. Proper self-care in times of stress and chaos.

Caution/distrust vs. naivete/gullibility . Defence of a child (or generally an inexperienced or weak person). Weak defence; weak sense of self. Development of identity. A streetwise, cunning, or maybe even dishonest, person vs. an inexperienced/naive person, being mean to a child. Custody battles where one partner tries to take the child away from the other. A self-involved child. Distrustful, defensive child. To defend (one's own?) innocence. To distrust someone's innocence / purity of motives. To be inexperienced in proper self-care.

Fox-Fox *)
To distrust oneself. To critically assess one's own sense of self. Extreme selfishness. Self-care must have top-priority now. To adapt because/when it's necessary. It would be practically wise to adapt one's expectations of / reactions to one's surroundings.

Protecting, leading, or teaching is part of someone's identity. Distrust of a leading figure or problems with authority in general. Conflict between being told what to do and wanting to do one's own thing. Having to adapt to a leading role or to being a parent. A leading position that is tricky and needs lots of cunning. Vigorous self-defence. Distrust dominates everything. Self-interest influences all decisions. To provide for oneself.

A conflict between trust and suspicion. Conflict between egocentric standpoint an a wish to feel connected with the universe. An identity which is very bound to spiritual ideas. Suspicious spiritual ideas. To trust in oneself; to trust one's capability to cope. To transcend oneself. Caution in regard to one's hopes. "To dare not hope".

The longing to do one's own thing, to follow one's own path - even if others don't agree with it. To dare become what one truly wants to be / go where one really wants to go, even if this makes others uncomfortable. The transformative power of proper self-care. To be cautious or suspicious by nature. To be cautious about showing one's longing(s), or revealing one's inner nature. Carefully assess the risks (and / or check you have enough resources) before you tackle crossing this threshold! To be well equipped for a transformation; to adapt well to a transition. A necessary change. It's impossible to hold up a certain transformation / transition - go with it but care well for yourself while it's happening!

A selfish friend; friend how has their own (hidden) agenda. To distrust someone's loyalty. Self-support. To make friends for selfish reasons. To be cautious about accepting offers of friendship. Distrust makes it difficult to make friends. A vital friendship. Necessary loyalty. Conflict between what oneself thinks is right and demands/expectations/inclination to follow what others say is right. Someone who wants to do everything themselves, vs. someone who wants someone to tell them what to do.

Selfishness causes loneliness. To do things in one's own way by oneself, without help/teamwork. To shut others out because letting them in feels too risky. Extreme isolation; self-induced isolation. To get into a top position by cunning, adaptation, and maybe trickery. A very introverted person. Self-care by retreating from the noisy, busy world. To adapt well to loneliness/a leading position. A great desire to hide away in a safe place. Self-pride (positive or negative).

To deal with the public/meetings etc. in a cautious or self-centred way. To distrust public opinion. To distrust appearances. To conceal one's true self from the public, or at least: to be very cautious about what one reveals. A strong in-group/out-group sense. To present in a way that serves oneself - maybe in an unauthentic way. To identify strongly with the image one projects to others. Someone wears their selfishness on their sleeve.

To be wary of challenge/difficulties. To cautiously keep quiet. To be very absorbed in a challenge/difficult situation. To deal with a problem you need to be very cunning and maybe think of yourself first. Problematic self-absorption. To become silent/unmoved as self-defence. To block what you don't agree with. "No means no." To adapt to a difficult situation.

Caution in regard to a decision. To be suspicious of certain potentials or alternatives. To adapt to an ambiguous situation. To be very cautious as long as things aren't clearly black or white. To weigh the risks of each alternative there is. To choose what's best for oneself; possibly: selfish choice. Decisions without consideration of the wishes of others. To do what is right for oneself even if others don't like it. Divergent self-interests. To go one's own way. Possibly: Divorce.

Unhealthy or inappropriate distrust. To suspect that there is corruption. Something is slowly eating away at one's trust. To take things away from others to provide better for oneself. Slow corruption of someone's integrity. Gradual loss of things that are of tremendous important for one's identity. The belief that one is a bad person. Unwholesome ways of seeing oneself. Someone who secretly follows a very dishonest, harmful agenda.

Self love; self-care. To have compassion with oneself. To forgive oneself. Love is vital. A lot of love is good for you now! Selfish love. To act affectionately out of self-interest. To be deeply distrustful when being shown affection. To give someone the care which is absolutely necessary - but not more. Inner conflict between staying on guard and softening up and letting people in. The attempt to draw out a suspicious, cautious person with love. To adapt to a new relationship. To work hard on a loving relationship; to do what needs to be done to care for our loved ones. An identity built around being a loving person. To completely identify with a loved one - infatuation in which the parties concerned seemingly melt into each other.

Connections which serve ourselves. Great caution concerning promises / commitment might be appropriate! A relationship which is an integral part of one's identity. Connections that are helpful/useful/beneficial for oneself - or, someone keeps up a connection with us only because it benefits them. Mutual distrust. To suspect a connection. A necessary connection; a relationship founded on necessity. Predictable selfishness. The same thing serves two (or more) different parties individually.

Self-knowledge; self-awareness. To be self-taught; to educate oneself. Facts about oneself; to be true to oneself or about oneself. Knowledge of who somebody really is. A profound factual and scientific knowledge about identity and integrity. Distrust in education or science. To stick with an education even when it's hard work. To put something into the category "egoistic" - possibly but not necessarily wrongly. To classify something as "self-care".

Communication/conversation which is in one's self-interest. To be wary of a certain information or conversation. To proceed cautiously in a communication process. An email or document one doesn't trust. Expressions of distrust/suspicion; expressions of egotism. Cunning ways of communicating (in order to get what one wants). Someone communicates in a manipulative way. To communicate what one needs.

Fox-Man (a)
Man who is cautious, streetwise, maybe overly suspicious or defensive. Man who looks after himself well, or is selfish or follows his own agenda. Man with a lot of integrity. Man whose character is difficult to assess since he seems to change constantly, depending on his surroundings. Trickster. To identify with the male gender.

Fox-Woman (a)
Woman who is cautious, streetwise, maybe overly suspicious or defensive. Woman who looks after herself well, or is selfish or follows her own agenda. Woman with a lot of integrity. Woman whose character is difficult to assess since she seems to change constantly, depending on her surroundings. Trickster. To identify with the female gender.

Fox-Man (b)
Man who is cautious, streetwise, maybe overly suspicious or defensive. Man who looks after himself well, or is selfish or follows his own agenda. Man with a lot of integrity. Man whose character is difficult to assess since he seems to change constantly, depending on his surroundings. Trickster. To identify with the male gender.

Fox-Woman (b)
Woman who is cautious, streetwise, maybe overly suspicious or defensive. Woman who looks after herself well, or is selfish or follows her own agenda. Woman with a lot of integrity. Woman whose character is difficult to assess since she seems to change constantly, depending on her surroundings. Trickster. To identify with the female gender.

A lover who puts their own needs first, who is following their own agenda. A very defensive, cautious, or suspicious lover. To be suspicious of a lover. Jealousy. To want your lover for yourself only. Selfish sex. To proceed with extreme slowness and caution, taking care of every little detail. To engage in sensual activities with a lot of caution only. To use protection against STDs. To be on the defence about one's sexuality or enjoyment of the sensual world. To adapt to sensual input (get used to noise, bright light/darkness, heat or cold etc.)

The virtue of proper self-care. To defend one's virtue / one's moral views. To keep oneself clean/pure. Someone whose sense of self is very closely bound to their virtue. Someone with Self-centred but honest intentions. To be upfront about one's intentions to look after oneself first. To be distrustful of someone's seemingly good intentions. To be distrustful of someone's (seeming) virtuousness, or of specific moral values. To adapt one's moral opinions and conduct to changed conditions.

A deeply joyful sense of self. To enjoy oneself; to entertain oneself. To be happy for oneself or by oneself. Distrust anything that looks happy or easy - to be unable to just enjoy something because it might be false or over soon. To find great happiness in going one's own way, in being self-determined and self-reliant. Self-care in the form of putting oneself in bright, joyful situations.

To withdraw into oneself. A deep look into who one really is, deep down. A respite from emotionality. One's vital needs. Distrust that goes very deep, and maybe goes back to some kind of trauma. Cautious handling of deep emotions. Deeply rooted suspicion. Self-care in the form of getting enough rest/sleep. When/because emotions are very strong it's important to practise proper self-care. Profound adaptation. To identify with darkness (figuratively speaking).

To put distrust aside and instead allow trust. To figure out how something works by patient hard work / creative cunning. To include someone or something into what we consider part of our identity, or part of that which is vital to us. Caution about what or who we let in. A very cautious, maybe not entirely wholehearted or sure "yes". To allow something but only with misgivings. It's in our self-interest to procure access. To enter cautiously. An essential means. The solution lies in adapting. Suspicious openness.

To be very cautious with finances or business decisions. Self-employment. To work hard on earning our living. To highly value independence and integrity. To highly value family and friends. Having to adapt economically, or to the harsh laws of economy.

Stable identity; unchanging self of self. Consistent, strong (self)interest. To hold on to something selfishly, out of self-interest. To be cautious about letting someone hold on to you or confine you too much. To be wary of settling down, tying oneself down. Everything revolves around oneself; someone who makes everything revolve around them. Better safe than sorry. Safety precautions. Extreme caution; strong need of safety; avoidance of risks.

Conflict between responsibilities and self-care. Conflict between duty and self-interest. To adapt to a burdensome situation, to responsibilities, to pressure, or to suffering. Suffering has become an integral part of one's identity. To fulfil one's duty with every ounce of strength one has.

Fox - Wild Card
We know we need to look after ourselves better - but we don't know how yet. A person with an identity that doesn't fit into readily available categories. Question mark regarding someone's self-care. To adapt to a situation which is very indeterminate. To survive (or do what is necessary) in indeterminate times. To tread cautiously when someone or something is unpredictable; to be suspicious of a person who is not predictable - or to suspect that they are not predictable. A (possibly genderqueer) person with the attributes of the Fox (see the Fox's keywords).

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