Nouns / phrases: (Verbal) conflict, arguments, discussions, debate. Scolding, scathing critique. Confrontation, accusation, objection, opposition, contradictoriness. Aggression; threats, bullying, abuse. Infliction of pain, hurt by the hands of others, willful destruction, something which is broken. Unpleasant consequences, punishment. Vindictiveness, revenge. Cry for justice, amends, recompensation. Guilt, bad conscience, remorse, regret. Shame, self-hatred. Scorn, cynicism.
For many readers also: clean-up, clean sweep.
To argue, discuss, fight. To scold, critique. To take flak. To confront, accuse, object, counter, contradict. To act aggressively, threaten, bully, abuse. To inflict pain, get hurt by others, destruct, get broken or break. To punish, take revenge, demand justice. To repent, regret, make amends. To feel guilty/ashamed, or to blame, shame. To scorn.
For many readers also: To clean up, make a clean sweep.

Argumentative, conflicted, conflicting, antagonistic, contradictory, contrary. Confrontational, accusing. Aggressive, threatening, abusive. Destructive, broken. Culpable. Punitive, vindictive. Guilty, remorseful, regretful, shameful. Compensatory; just. Cynical, scornful.

As a person:
Someone with a sharp tongue; contrarian, accuser. Someone who is aggressive; abuser. Anyone in the "law and order" profession: prosecutors, lawyers, judges, police etc. - anyone who deals out punishment or restores justice. Someone who beats themselves up about something.

As advice:
Fight the good fight! Fight back! Challenge or confront it/them! Make amends! Negatively: Stop beating yourself up! Don't hurt others!

Time factor *) : Possibly: when it hurts.
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