Nouns / phrases: Nature, our relationship with nature. The physical world, materialism, (laws of) physics, biology. Our own body and our relationship with it; the body's needs; body functions, physical activities. Life, vitality, slow but constant growth, thriving, life-force, strong and very stable flow of energy, energy reserves. Roots, grounding, rootedness. Strong sense of belonging, ancestry. Steadfastness, robustness. Inflexibility in the sense of: lack of physical manoeuvrability, occupational immobility, lack of interest in travelling, unwillingness to move house, inability to rethink. Opposite of spiritualism and intellectualism - pragmatism. Down-to-earth life style; focus on bodily needs/funcions.  
To do things in/with nature; to create physical objects (e.g. to do pottery, woodwork, needlework). To do something for the body or with the body (e.g. sports). To live, grow, thrive, mature. To (en)root, strike root, ground oneself, belong. To have both feet firmly on the ground; to keep one's feet on the ground. To be inflexible, e.g. to not move on/away; to not change one's thinking.
Natural, physical, physiological, material, biological. Alive, living, vital, growing, thriving. Bodily. (Deep)rooted, enrooted, grounded, belonging, ancestral. Steadfast, robust, healthy. Inflexible in the sense of not versatile. Down-to-earth, pragmatic.

As a person:
Someone with the above qualities. Especially: someone down-to-earth, or deeply rooted, or calm but full of vitality. An ancestor.

As advice:
Stop overthinking! Stop living in a fantasy world, let go of pseudo-scientific woo! Take care of the human/bodily basics!

Time factor *) : Long time spans, traditionally: a year. Slowly but constantly. All of one's life.
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