Nouns / phrases: Home, home life, home country. Family, family member(s), family life.Privacy, private affairs. Establishment, settling down. Familiarness, familiarization, (non sexual!) intimacy. Normality. Close-mindedness: fear of the new/unfamiliar. Xenophobia. Order, regularity, simple structures, plans, low risk, safety. Tradition, custom, traditional world view, conservatism, conventionality. Individual confirmed habits; matters of habit. Preservation, conservation. Restrictive traditions; blocking of innovation; inflexibility.  
To make oneself at home, start a family. Activities at home, or with the family. To settle down, settle with, establish. To keep something private; to keep away the public. To familiarize, to be used to, to be at home with. To block innovations/changes; to fear the new/unfamiliar, to keep out strangers. To order, regulate, to keep it simple, plan, reduce risks. To feel safe. To follow tradition, conserve, preserve. To act habitually.
Homey/homelike, native. At home, at home with. Familial. Long established, settled. Private. Familiar, used to, intimate with. Close-minded regarding anything which is new/unfamiliar. Xenophobic. Proper, orderly, normal, regular, regulated, simple, simply structured, well-planned, low-risk, safe. Conventional, traditional, accustomed. Conservative, conserving. habitual. Restrictive, inflexible, anti-innovative.

As a person:
Family member; or someone the querent feels so intimately familiar with that they actually consider them family. Someone we feel at home with; someone who is always there (for us). Traditional, conservative person; (strict) person who doesn't bend the rules, person with very confirmed habits. Xenophobe.

As advice:
Keep it private! Familiarise yourself with it! Settle down! Preserve that which is good! Don't block innovation!

Time factor *) : Long time spans; always; forever. Family time.
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